Environmental Mission 2025

At MAKO, we firmly believe, that it is everyone’s duty to care and protect the environment. As market leaders we want to inspire others and lead by giving a good example. In order to achieve these goals, we have prepared a special environmental strategy. It is based on the pillars forming the foundation of our vision of sustainable development.

I. Emissions
Combating air pollution due to harmful emissions is the first step to environmentally friendly road transport. By 2025 we plan to decrease fuel consumption by 6% compared to 2019.

II. Eco driving
We promote eco-friendly driving among our drivers, awarding them for lower fuel consumption rates. Trucks located closest to the place of loading are chosen for delivery orders, enabling us to reduce the amount of empty runs and, by extension, the level of harmful emissions.

All our trucks meet the EURO 6 standards and are equipped with speed limiters. We are ready for the purchase of trucks meeting the EURO 7 standards as soon as they become available.

IV. Aerodynamics
Our trucks are equipped with cabs featuring fairing and extensions, which improve the aerodynamic profile of our tilt buses. Lower air resistance equals lower fuel consumption.

V. Energy consumption
Easy access to electrical energy is taken for granted by many of us. However, it is highly important to remember, that by reducing the use of electrical energy, we do not only lower costs but also contribute
in a positive manner to environment protection. By 2025 we plan to lower electrical energy consumption in our offices by 5%.

VI. Communications
Already approx. 40% of our paperwork is handled digitally. We contribute to forest protection while at the same time increasing speed and efficiency of our internal and external communication processes.
By 2025 we plan to raise that number to 60%. Furthermore, we aim to implement the digital international consignment note (e-CMR) as soon as possible.

VII. Our team
Without a doubt, our employees are our greatest asset. Full of passion and aware of the negative impact humans have on the environment. For that reason we encourage them to make use of public transport,
organize carpooling groups or simply choose a bike over a car as their transport mode of choice. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference if we all work together.